The Immense Respect I Have For Ivan Abadjiev.

Many people think the way I post, shows that I don’t believe in Ivan Abadjiev’s methods. Actually, quite the opposite.

I always believed and trusted that Ivan’s methods, were one of the best methods. To work maximally in all the competition and supplementary lifts, is something I practice too. I trust that if it wasn’t for Ivan’s methods, many of us would still be caught up in a ton of supplementary lifts while strengthening positions, but not actually practicing the actual movements enough.

Coach Ivan, without doubt, created the biggest effect in weightlifting. His work with the Bulgarian team, put the Russians to shame in the shortest period of time, shocked so many nations, went against the grain of so many training methodologies and above all, made people in the sporting industry, use their brains. To think. What he did was PHENOMENAL. Too many times, people throw the word “Periodization” like the hell, they know what it means.

In weightlifting, I strongly believe, periodization is probably the one thing that destroys progress in weightlifting more than anything else. Based on my studying of Tudor Bompa’s books (I don’t believe in reading notes of people that interpret and add their things. I want the authentic ones, to understand the creation of the idea and how people used that as a root to develop things) one comes to understand, the PURPOSE of periodization was to help athletes of sports, that do not specifically training in weightlifting, improve their performance in their given activity. The strength and power developed in the weight room was to assist in their bloody sport.

There needed to be a balance between time spent developing their own given sport and time in the gym. Now… that makes perfect sense. That’s extremely smart.

However, when you’re already in the gym and your sport, is LIFTING the barbell…in the gym. Do you think there’s any need, to “PERIODIZE?” Right so maybe you’re a swimmer, you’ve got to balance aerobic strength, anaerobic strength, technique and consuming 10,000 calories a day. Of course you’d have to back off a bit as competition closes. But your sport is weightlifting!! What the hell, are you doing, backing off for? What? You’re going to need to sacrifice your explosive power for aerobic strength because your competition is 2 hours long? Yeah, 2 hours, but you lift for maybe 30 minutes after including warm ups.

So what Ivan Abadjiev has done is, thrown that mentality out and made athletes really work, hard in the gym and behave like it’s a competition. And that’s worked fantastically.

ONE of the reasons, I don’t completely follow what he does is because my coaches have taught me, to consider other aspects such as longevity and balance. Fun? Aesthetics. But no, Ivan Abadjiev’s methods of maximal loading and max attempts is vital in our training as well. It’s only that we believe in loading in a different manner, other than just maximal weight. We can use other training protocols too such as tempo, repetitions, etc etc. We’ve tested this, and it works well. However, there are times in training that we adopt a very Ivan Abadjiev style of training.

I don’t call this Bulgarian way of training, because it was created by a Bulgarian but I respect the coach and the country he’s born in, thus I call it Ivan Abadjiev’s methods. So yes, do understand that in no way, do I think Ivan Abadjiev’s methods are silly or wrong. Only because of my diverse background in training methods, I look at things different. But yes, I do respect that man that if I see him, I’ll bow my head when shaking his hands.

Any weightlifter not giving Ivan Abadjiev respect, has got to be CRAZY!

Another reason why I have immense respect for him, is because he’s so calm about who he is, and doesn’t ask people to call him Coach Ivan Abadjiev. I really like coaches like him, who are humble and certain of who they are. In China, we call coaches “Name coach”. So for example my coach’s “Coach Wu” or in Mandarin, “Wu jiaolian” because we cannot call our coaches by name. It’s disrespectful. This for me, helps me respect a coach by another billion points when they’re so chilled about how we call them.

So no, Coach Ivan Abadjiev, I do respect him tremendously. Dr.Tamas Ajan may not agree with him, but Dr. Tamas Ajan has not removed the world records that were created by Ivan Abadjiev. So to me, people can talk all they want. But Ivan Abadjiev, is a man to be respected.

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