Steroids? IN professional sports?? That’s unpossiblerrrr!

1. You have ethics.
2. The countries you compete against, you claim not to have ethics cuz they’re on steroids.
3. You win against them because you’re a highly trained, natural athlete without steroids.

Yeah right. Armstrong was a scapegoat.
Reality check.

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  1. Although i think that every successful world class athlete are on steroids, at least for some time, it’s cheating the other competitors and to themselves in my opinion.

    I’m also into weight training for some years and weightlifting since 3 Months now i will never take steroids, even if i would have a realistic chance to win the olympics for example.

    For me, every athlete who takes or took illegal performance enhancing drugs to win against others in competition is a very weak person.

    It’s just poor, pathetic and displays that these are dishonest, false hearted people with no conscience and no sense of shame.

    just my 2 cents

  2. Is cheatin’ still cheatin when everybody’s cheatin?

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