Should I use safety squat bars?

Yes. If you need it.

I always say, go back to this question “What is the weakness?“. Now note, I’ve never had the pleasure of playing with any of these powerlifting apparatus. The closest I ever got to a SSB is in Melbourne but at that time, I had no clue how it operated. I’ve done reading about it, and I’ve tried doing it with straps, but I’m certain the stimulus is really different. For one, with a SSB, you don’t have to concern yourself with the bar slipping off because you can’t grab the straps hard enough.

There’s a few commandments in my training.

  1. Technique, must be as close to perfection as possible.
  2. Stimulus must vary, but the basics (A,B,C) must be trained. You must, Sn,CNJ,pulls, squat with your Oly bar.
  3. Find your weakness, eliminate it, go back to training as heavy as perfect technique would allow you. (Perfect tech varies btw)Recently I added another one.
  4. Don’t be a keyboard skeptic. You DON’T sound smarter.
    And…name me the last skeptic that you’ve respected in training.

Now in weightlifting, it’s snatch and clean and jerk. Everything else is, assistance.

I’ve felt that the SSB trains my upper back, forces my adductors and quadratus femoris muscles to fire more while descending. Also the way the bar’s position makes me feel like I’m falling forward more easily so I have to really “sit” in my hip. I also felt my gluteus medius fire more on the way down. How can you be so certain its those muscles Kirk?? I don’t. I just think it is, because I only loaded up to 35-40% to figure out what the muscles are. I was just curious as heck.

Btw…I’m using anatomical terms because I can’t just say “My ass, hamstrings” for this.

If you find that the squat is going to help you snatch and CNJ more and the SSB will help your squat rise, use it! If you think  these muscles, are the ones that will be significantly responsible to increasing your snatch and CNJ, please use the apparatus. Think of it this way;

  1. You’ve concrete to drill.
  2. I throw you a hammer drill, and a battery operated drill (9V)
  3. Don’t be a moron.

Why don’t the Chinese team use this?

I’ve seen some guys squat with the weights lopsided, with bands hanging their kettlebells, walking around the gym with a barbell overhead (This guy was scared of the lockout), doing overhead squats from a 1/3 squat position.

It will happen….eventually. Just give it time. And when the Chinese start using all these odd apparatuses available in the West, I do foresee a rise in numbers again, from the lower levels. There should be more consistency in terms of lifting numbers from the top competitor to the last competitor.

It’s the higher levels that I’m not sure how they’ll respond to such apparatuses. Look at Mikhail Koklayev. He’s done strongman, etc, got a massive bunch of numbers, but he’s not improved his sn/cnj. At top level lifting, I find it hard to connect too much variability with good lifting results. But for the bulk of us? I really do think odd implement lifting HAS a place in training. It’s just gotta be during your 12 or whatever week offseason prep.

Remember, the higher you go in training, the less variability you can have. The lower you are in training, you might just improve doing “bosu ball lateral jump squats with a 5LBS medicine ball overhead and bands wrapped around knee for lateral tension“. The next time you use this exercise, please don’t say you heard if from me, OK?

Terima kasih – Thank you in Malaysian.

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    It’s all just a matter of time then. It’s cool to see them experimenting with new equipment.

    Bu then how come the Chinese have yet to use squat jacks? I see them take their squats off of blocks and feel like sending them a check so they can buy some real equipment. Or is there a reason to do a 3 meter walkout with 250kg on your throat?

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    jnl fusion workout says:

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