Pilot Program Closed

Thanks to the power of the internet, I’ve had 11 responses since I posted this. However, all those who have responded, you guys will be contacted soon. Don’t worry. I’ll help y’all regardless. For the rest, you’ll have to wait for this team to get their responses and I’ll open the second batch in a week.

Meanwhile, sit tight.

I may not be able to update much as I’ll be busy working and Skyping with this team first. Currently, we’ve 11 individuals in this. They will be keeping a log and updating their work. Thank you for the interest.

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  1. Alex Harmab
    Alex Harmab says:

    Love the site man. I’m pretty new to olympic lifting ( only been doing it for 6 weeks ) but I have a decent background in powerlifting. When are you going to be opening up the pilot program again? It sucks that I just discovered this page man, I’d kill to get in on that program.


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