Of marijuana legalization and programming.

So yesterday, for brunch, my friends and I were hanging out at a place called “Blue Cilantro”. Not that there is any significance, but just thought I’d share. I wanna feel like a rambling reporter, who constantly writes about the history of the event, but nothing about the actual event that’s screaming on the headlines itself. It does give you a sense of heightened importance, but journalists shouldn’t feel the need for that. Their writings are of huge importance regardless.

So of the recent days, marijuana legalization has been the hot topic around Cayman, and considering we’re pretty close to America and 1/4 of the people here are Canadians, and Jamaicans, I can’t say I’m surprised. Without needing to state my stance on this subject, it’s good that Colorado has legalized it as it signifies what democracy’s all about. It isn’t what you want, it’s what the majority want for the betterment of their life.

Anyway, that rubbish aside, then we continued into the topic of how coffee excites the brain cells and although you feel fatigued, your brain continues to churn. And then someone realized I was a coach and asked, how in the world can I be a weightlifting coach, and yet be as small as I was?

I don’t deny. I am tiny as hell, weighing in at a massive 165LBS (75KG) and standing at a gargantuan 5’10 (176CM), I wasn’t a terribly intimidating or weightlifting’esque figure. Some douchebag must’ve sent pictures of this dude to them;

and set the standards high up there.


So anyway, being stronger as we well know by now, has little to do with size. However, it is true, the more muscle you have, the easier it is to have your strength, transfer to a variety of skills, than it would be for a skinny strong person. Don’t believe me? Get 2 guys, that weigh 75KG and 100KG that both squat 200KG, deadlift 245KG and say, press 90KG. I’m pretty sure you’ll find the 100KG guy more adept at moving shit around that isn’t a barbell. They have more transferable strength whereas the skinnier fucker would be a genius with the barbell, not necessarily though when it comes to lifting a table around.

That aside, so when I build training systems, it’s built upon this;

A pyramid!

Imagine you have to fill up a pyramid with, cubes, triangles, oblong shaped stuff, circles, etc. At the bottom of the base, you’ll have more allowance for error, so you can put in cubes, stars, etc and still fill up the pyramid.

However, as you progress, you realize that with cubes and stars, due to their awkward shape, they take up too much space and leave out huge gaps. By the time you reach the top of your pyramid, you’ll have to select smaller shaped items and be very careful with how you arrange them. This first pyramid, is going to be your “Trial Pyramid”.

Your second pyramid, should eliminate some less useful “shapes” (exercises) and stick to the more dense shapes (exercises) and sizes (repetitions, frequency of usage, tempo, the variables basically). After you’ve gone through 4 pyramids, you should be a lot smarter in training and less reliant on what other coaches tell you, that you should do.

And occasionally, pick into your older pyramids and check what exercises have been dumped and retry them. If they suddenly become transferable, it’s time to look into those older pyramids and dig out more stuff. How? Go figure it out yourself.

Already a report says that humans are on the decline in terms of neurological performance. I attribute this directly to the lack of danger in our lives, thus reducing our ability to think fast and as if our life depended on it and excessive noise and media entanglement. Having said this, I shall not be playing part to further stupefying our already stupid generation and leave you to experiment and think if you really are into this sport.

Or you could pay me a few bucks and I’ll sort your brain out.

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  1. andres
    andres says:

    They aren’t real facts about the “decline of neurological capacity in our genes” true is that technology has made us dumber; but it’s just other kind of stupidity; the stupidity of being in “another” world… that’s it….


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