How low should you squat?

Like this??

Or like this??

Seriously…who the heck cares? But I’ll explain what we discovered anyway.

These are the reasons we usually, don’t squat all the way down;

  1. For some athletes that cannot keep the rigidity when the hips go below the knee, then fall into the hole and “bounce” out of the hole with their joints instead of keeping the tension in the muscle. Creation of stress in the joints and ligaments. No fun.

  2. Nobody I know, or worked with has ever gotten pinned deep in the squat. They can somehow bounce till they get to parallel and that’s when we summon the gods of leg strength to stand up. It’s kinda like strongman training. You don’t train like a strongman everyday. You train what you need, to get good at strongman training. When the time comes, you summon all the might you have to execute it. You try squatting like that day in day out, and snatch and clean. With all that volume, how’s your joint gonna hold up?
  3. The distance between your knee to your hip, is at maximum when you squat to parallel. We find that, that makes the squats way more transferable to the snatch and clean and jerk. We’re not looking to make squats tougher. We’re looking to transfer the strength that squats can give us, to the snatch and clean and jerk.  If we wanted the squats to be heavier, we’d just load up more weight and do quarter or half squats.
  4. You can handle more weight with squatting to slightly below parallel or to parallel. More weight=more strong.

I remember once I wrote about how squats may not be that important. And I still stand by it. If you’re trying to get strong, get more weight on the bar. Why you trying to limit your squat weight, by squatting so damn deep anyway? Cuz it stretches your hamstring and quads to its maximum tension, and allows…..what the fuck is that garbage. If you wanna stretch your hamstrings, go buy a band and stretch all night long till your knees hyperextend. Or you could go do pulls. Don’t see anybody bragging about their clean pull or snatch pull numbers? That’s a real hamstring worker there.



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  1. Rafael
    Rafael says:

    In other words you’re saying that parallel squats are good, when actually if you can squat heavy ATG you can also squat ALOT more if you go parallel but the contrary won’t will happen due to the greater ROM. Also, squatting deep will help you catch the bar in the snatch/clean. Strange words coming from you my friend…

    • Kirksman
      Kirksman says:

      Rafael, you’ll have to come to Asia or contact me, to be exposed to see the whole system before you can understand what I wrote. A lot of my clients have their heads spinning around that statement but a lot of them have hit PR’s in their deep squats too. Squat=assistance. Don’t be too caught up with it.


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