Four Questions For Coach Wu

The four questions we went through were;

1. How many coaches in China would’ve gotten a heart attack or committed suicide hearing the sort of questions and statements that internet mainstream fitness industry has?

The entire Chinese, provincial and national team would’ve killed themselves.

2. Why you can’t keep your arms completely straight when pulling?

*You’d have to watch the video*

3. Why does jumping can sometimes, be more important for the power athlete?

Squats are also important. It’s just that some people are more slow twitch and they can benefit more from being more powerful. When you land, and reverse the direction, during that instant, the fast twitch muscle fibers will contract at a rate so powerful, that even squats cannot achieve. But that isn’t a reason to neglect squats. It’s just the usage.

4. Why do we have such strong emphasis on behind neck presses and behind neck pull-ups despite the fitness industry saying it’s unsafe for the shoulders?

We need to develop movement patterns. Default a good movement pattern. If we’re always pulling in front of my face, pressing in front of the face, the movement pattern (far more important than which muscle) will default into a pattern that’s unsuitable for keeping it overhead in a good position. *Now this isn’t in the video*

The whole explanation about keeping the shoulders in that neutral position, is respected by the Chinese coaches. They’re very, very much aware of the anatomical patterns of the body. But this isn’t something they do overnight. It’s a position that’s worked into. Nobody will tell you what the gymnasts do is “safe” yet, they do it anyway. A physical therapist or personal trainer that’s, must keep within the confines of the “mainstream fitness” world. It is their professional responsibility. But coaches aren’t confined by those professional limitations. They’re responsibility is the gold medal in the Olympics to the nation and the people.

That’s, one big difference between a coach and a PT.

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  1. Bryan
    Bryan says:

    I thought that jumping especially depth jumps improved the ability of the CNS to use the stretch reflex like in the jerk or a triple jump and also improved the ability of the body to bring fast twitch fibers into action earlier ie rate coding.

  2. NIck Horton
    NIck Horton says:

    I like that part at the end where you say “is what gymnasts do ‘safe’?”

    Exactly, it’s all about context. Train hard to get yourself to a level athletically such that the movements can be done safely.

    BTW, I have my lifters do behind the neck wide grip snatches all time. They are wonderful. If you are going to catch a snatch there, you’d better be able to be stable in that movement pattern.

    Great stuff, brother.


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