A compilation of the Instagram videos I took in China.

This is one of the provincial lifters, a 77kg with a max snatch of 140kg. He pushes his knee out and doesn't go back enough so today his technique work was all about keeping the knees in. He's still not doing it as well as he should. I'll elaborate more when I'm back in Malaysia. […]

19 Answers to Questions Asked On Instagram.

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This is the medical section of the Chinese athletes. They have a mix of both traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine. They’re aware that certain things, like eating a tiger’s testicle is not going to help them in any way. The athletes in China also have specific doctors that are more involved with the sport […]

Training with Coach Wu and why I struggle to answer reps/sets/%


The environment, that you’re raised in, builds the way you understand something. The perception, the reaction to a stimulus. If you’re born in a negative environment, then you have an inclination to become rather negative in terms of how you react to things. Shit happens to everyone, it’s just how you respond to it that […]

Rounded Back Pulls

Now, you’ve already been exposed to the idea of a squatting and pushing the knees in at a particular portion of the squat instead of pushing it out. You’ve been exposed to the idea of behind the neck pressing and behind neck pull-ups. So, let’s just say that readers of this site are pretty open […]

I explain the Chinese pull method.

First off, I’m super excited to be talking to some of the lifters that are currently on an American team, that want to learn the Chinese pull. They’ve been improving, just by listening to a friend of mine Stephen off Skype and the telephone and they’re getting better results already. Even their main coach has […]