Coach Wu:

So basically, the pan…the explosive pull and the high pull are used differently. There’s one distinct difference. During the “pak” movement (pulling with traps and elbow), that is equal to the “balance” portion of the snatch. So, it’s really useful, to get a hang of the tempo.

Besides training strength, this is another movement that we can do. Because…it is a movement pattern that is the closest to the snatch. Very similar. The snatch is overhead, the panda pull is up to wherever you decide to pull the bar to meet it at.

Me: So the barbell height, is the same as the snatch?

Coach Wu: The barbell height is insignificant. What is significant is the feeling. It’s HOW HIGH do you want it to be?

If you want it to be at neck height, but you only manage to pull it to belly height, your strength isn’t controlled well. It’s not a very good….erh *waves*, weights driver.

Your ability, to generate force and control it well…isn’t so good. The most important thing, is feeling *rubs face*. Whatever you do, you need feeling.

No feeling, if I tell you what to do, you can’t do it. So all these partial movements, is to develop feeling. But sometimes, the feeling that is right, is still wrong. That’s why you need a coach. Previous videos, I joked a lot. But really, you need a coach. Like even if I train right nw, I need a coach. I need to look for my coach

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