“The perfect cue”

Too many times, people have asked me “What is the right way to cue this?“. I feel, the cue depends on the trainee, not the coach. Coaches tend to be too caught up with their own cue and that makes it difficult for the athlete to understand.

Remember when Miss. Iris tried to explain “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, back in school?

After her long weary explanation, my cousin understood it as; “In life, when the roads are complex and difficult, we should attempt to take the path less travelled, for albeit it’s difficulty, we end up learning new things

I ended up understanding it as “Quit school, now

For me, I’ve realised that people try to “impose” knowledge NOT impart knowledge. I want to impart my knowledge, so that you have the flexibility to expand it to what is most suited to you. I want to sow a seed, not place the bloody great ocean reef on your head.

I use a simple 4 step process to teach ;

  1. Understand the final goal - I want the bar overhead in the straightest fashion possible.
  2. Allow the person to do whatever he/she thinks is right – Pull from toes, heels, knees, whatever
  3. Tweak the bits and pieces 1 by 1 – Adjust to what I feel is best technique
  4. Ask the trainee what he/she’s thinking – What are you thinking when you’ve done the perfect one which both I and you agree, feels most comfortable. Which is why I always ask “How do you feel?

Once I know what the person is thinking, I can build the cue from there. That’s why every single rep must be cue’ed over and over again. I want the trainee to build the movement pattern. I don’t want the athlete to have MY thought process in him/her. I want it to be the individual’s.

My cousin? Yeah, he’s an editor of a fashion magazine now.

Modifying Courtney Modecki Snatch Technique


Over here, you’ll see me tweaking Courtney Modecki‘s form. She’s a crossfit competitor, so she’s got this awesome base of movements which makes the teaching process a breeze. The key here, is LINKING. As a coach, I must link a pattern, most familiar to the athlete. Then I must transfer this pattern, to weightlifting. Here […]

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Explaining the “madness” behind how I trained Fisker

So Steffen Fisker wrote an article about how he trained with the “Lifthard system”. Since then, tons of people have asked me “What’s with the madness?“. I’ve decided to write a post so I can refer y’all to this instead of answering it a hundred times. Why no sets/reps/%?First off, our concept comes from “Know what […]

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Lessons from Fisker in Denmark

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4 Things That Used to Baffle Me

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 2.49.08 pm

Through travelling and coaching, you learn things. Some things, they do not at all make sense to me. Yet, to others, this is the world to them. There are actually, people who will PAY to read something that I wouldn’t even listen for 2 minutes, if you paid me to. And vice versa. I mean really, […]

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